MFAudioBufferClass Class Members

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Public Methods
Public MethodBufferFrameChannelsAppendAppends audio channels from buffer to a specified frame, the number of samples retrieved from specified frame  
Public MethodBufferFrameFillReads audio from buffer to a frame. If _nSamples = 0 then the audio duration calculated from frame rate, if _nSamples < 0 then whole buffer is used.  
Public MethodBufferFrameMixMixes audio from buffer with specified frame, the number of samples retrieved from specified frame.
Note: The audio can be insufficient. In this case use two lines for mixing.  
Public MethodBufferFramePutPuts audio from a frame to the buffer.  
Public MethodBufferGetGet audio data from buffer.
For planar format specify _cbAudioPlane: -1 auto size (from number of samples), 0 - interleaved.
Note: if _ppAudio is NULL then allocate internal buffer, else copy to specified buffer.  
Public MethodBufferLinesMixMixes audio from buffer lines  
Public MethodBufferLinesRemoveRemoves line from buffer  
Public MethodBufferLoadFromFileLoads audio form file to a buffer.  
Public MethodBufferPropsGetGets buffer's audio props  
Public MethodBufferPropsSetSets buffer's audio properties  
Public MethodBufferPutPtrPuts audio data to a buffer. If _pbAudio is NULL then the buffer is filled with silence  
Public MethodBufferPutPtrExPut audio data to buffer, also correct audio data by time (add silence or skip data), for planar format specify _cbAudioPlane: -1 auto size (from number of samples), 0 - interleaved  
Public MethodBufferRemoveRemoves audio data from the buffer  
Public MethodBufferTimesEnableEnable audio buffer times watching (e.g. for BufferFramePut, BufferFrameFill methods) and set max difference for times (if 0 then ONLY breaks are used)  
Public MethodBufferTimesGetGet audio buffer times (if any)  
Public MethodBufferTimesIsEnabledIndicates whether buffer times are enabled and shows differences values  
Public MethodBufferTimesSetSet audio buffer start/end time (remove or add audio if needed) Note: The rtEndTime ONLY for minimum time, if buffer end is greater then ignored.  
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