MFORMATSLib Namespace
Contains all classes, interfaces, enumerations and structures of MFormats SDK.
ClassCoMColorsClass Operates MColors plugin and color management
ClassMCCDisplayClass Operates MCCDisplay plugin
ClassMDelayClass Operates MDelay feature (time shifting for live sources)
ClassMFAudioBufferClass Operates with audio buffers
ClassMFConverterClass Operates conversion of frames
ClassMFFactoryClass Manages the operations for create, clone frames and a make frame local
ClassMFFrameClass Manages a single frame
ClassMFLiveClass Operates live sources
ClassMFOverlayHTMLClass Operates HTML5 overlay plugin
ClassMFPreviewClass Operates with preview of your content
ClassMFReaderClass Operates with files and network streams playback
ClassMFRendererClass Operates output devices
ClassMFSignalingDTMFClass Operates DTMF signals plugin
ClassMFSinkClass Operates virtual devices
ClassMFWriterClass Operates capturing to local files and network streaming
ClassMWebRTCClass Operates WebRTC functionality
InterfaceIMCallback Operates callback events - required for WebRTC feature
InterfaceIMCCDisplay Operates MCCDisplay plugin to overlay Closed Captions data on frame as text.
InterfaceIMColors Operates MColors plugin for color, brightness and contrast management
InterfaceIMEvents Operates events
InterfaceIMEventsEvent Operates a safe OnEvent event
InterfaceIMEventsFrame Operates a safe OnFrame event
InterfaceIMFAudioBuffer Operates an audio buffer.
InterfaceIMFBrowser Operates a browser behavior in HTML5 overlay plugin
InterfaceIMFBuffer Operates media buffers
InterfaceIMFBuffersAllocator Operates buffers allocators
InterfaceIMFConfig Operates global settings for all objects
InterfaceIMFConverter Operates a frame's conversion
InterfaceIMFCreator Creates and operates external objects
InterfaceIMFDevice Operates with devices (input and output)
InterfaceIMFFactory Operates a frame's creation
InterfaceIMFFormat Operates with audio and video formats
InterfaceIMFFrame Operates a single frame
InterfaceIMFObject Operates an object properties and allows using events in C++ and Delphi
InterfaceIMFPacket Operates media packets
InterfaceIMFProcess Operates frame processing
InterfaceIMFProps Operates objects' properties
InterfaceIMFReader Operates with file sources.
InterfaceIMFReceiver Operates a receiver of frames (output devices or preview)
InterfaceIMFReceiverVB6 VB6 alternative for IMFReceiver interface
InterfaceIMFSideData Operates side data of a frame
InterfaceIMFSignalingDTMF Operates DTMF signaling plugin
InterfaceIMFSink Operates virtual objects
InterfaceIMFSource Operates with sources of frames
InterfaceIMFSourceVB6 Duplicated IMSource interface for VB6 compatibility.
InterfaceIMFTransition Operates frame's transitions
InterfaceIMFWriter Operates encoding process
InterfaceIMPreview Operates a preview.
InterfaceIMProps Operates properties of plugins
InterfaceIMSenders Operates sender objects
InterfaceIMWebRTC Operates WebRTC functionality
StructureM_ANC_DATA Contains information about the ancillary data.
StructureM_AUD_PROPS Specifies audio properties
StructureM_AUDIO_LOUDNESS Contains information about the audio loudness
StructureM_AV_PROPS Contains information about the audio and video properties
StructureM_PACKET_INFO Specifies information about a packet
StructureM_RATIONAL Specifies rational number (more info -
StructureM_STREAM_INFO Specifies information about a stream (IStream interface)
StructureM_TIME Contains information about the duration of event (from the start time to the end time).
StructureM_TIMECODE Contains information about a timecode
StructureM_VID_PROPS Specifies the video properties
StructureMF_FRAME_INFO Specifies information about a frame
StructureMF_KEY_EVENT Specifies key event parameters
StructureMF_MOUSE_EVENT Specifies mouse events
StructureMF_RECT Specifies rectangle for overlays
StructureMF_VID_PTR Specifies a video pointer parameters
StructureMG_BRIGHT_CONT_PARAM Specifies brighness and contrast management parameters
StructureMG_COLOR_PARAM Specifies color management parameters
EnumerationeM3DFormat Specifies 3D format types.
EnumerationeMANCFlags Specifies the audio loudness
EnumerationeMCursorType Specifies cursor type
EnumerationeMFBrowserCommand Enumerates browser commands for HTML5 plugin
EnumerationeMFBufferFlags Enumerates possible buffer flags
EnumerationeMFCC Specifies the video colorspace
EnumerationeMFDeviceType Specifies types of divices
EnumerationeMFEventsFlags Enumerates flags for browser control
EnumerationeMFKeyEventType Enumerates types of events for keys
EnumerationeMFLockType Enumerates types of locking a MFFrame object in GPU mode
EnumerationeMFMediaType Enumerates media data types
EnumerationeMFMouseButtons Enumerates mouse buttons for HTML5 plugin overlay control
EnumerationeMFormatType Specifies the format types
EnumerationeMFOverlayFlags Specifies overlay's flags
EnumerationeMFPacketFlags Enumerates flags for MFPacker
EnumerationeMFrameClone Specifies a types of frame's clone
EnumerationeMFrameFlags Specifies the frame position and frame type
EnumerationeMFRectType Specifies type of rectangle
EnumerationeMFTextFlags Specifies options for text overlay
EnumerationeMFTransferFlags Enumerates types of buffer transferring
EnumerationeMFWriterOption Enumerate type of writer's configuratio
EnumerationeMInfoType Specifies type of XML attributes' information
EnumerationeMInterlace Specifies the interlacing type
EnumerationeMScaleType Specifies the scaling type.
EnumerationeMState Enumerates possible states of an object
EnumerationeMTimecodeFlags Specifies timecode flags
EnumerationeMVideoFormat Specifies the video format.
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