eMTimecodeFlags Enumeration
Specifies timecode flags
eMTCF_DropFrameDrop frame (DF) timecode is valid only for 29.97 and 59.94i/p timecoded, for 23.98 NDF is used. Used to compensate timecode and clock deviation - drop 2 timecode labels every minute except 10 minutes.
eMTCF_InvalidTimecode is not set
eMTCF_LocalTimeTCLocal timecode
eMTCF_NonDropFrameNon drop frame (NDF) timecode
eMTCF_Progressive_3th_FrameProgressive timecode with 3rd frame-based
eMTCF_Progressive_4th_FrameProgressive timecode with 4th frame-based
eMTCF_Progressive_5th_FrameProgressive timecode with 5th frame-based
eMTCF_Progressive_6th_FrameProgressive timecode with 6th frame-based
eMTCF_Progressive_7th_FrameProgressive timecode with 7th frame-based
eMTCF_Progressive_8th_FrameProgressive timecode with 8th frame-based
eMTCF_Progressive_Even_FrameFlag for progressive (50p, 59.94p, 60p) rates - even frame
eMTCF_Progressive_Odd_FrameFlag for progressive (50p, 59.94p, 60p) rates - odd frame
eMTCF_RateDefault rate
eMTCF_Rate_24Film 24 or 23.98 rate
eMTCF_Rate_25PAL rate or 25 fps
eMTCF_Rate_30NTSC Not Drop Frame
eMTCF_Rate_30_DFNTSC Drop Frame (DF) timecode (29.97 fps)
eMTCF_Rate_5050p rate or 50 fps
eMTCF_Rate_50_Odd50p rate odd-based
eMTCF_Rate_6060p Not Drop Frame
eMTCF_Rate_60_DF59.94 timecode (59.94 fps)
eMTCF_Rate_60_DF_Odd59.94 timecode odd-based
eMTCF_Rate_60_Odd60p odd-based timecode
eMTCF_SrcTCThis flags mean that File/Live/Network have timecode stream, in other case, timecode calculated from file position or current time in live case.
eMTCF_SrcTC_DropFrameDrop frame (DF) timecode from source
eMTCF_SrcTC_Progressive_Even_FrameFlag for source progressive (50p, 59.94p, 60p) rates - even frame (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Progressive_Odd_FrameFlag for progressive (50p, 59.94p, 60p) rates - odd frame (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_24Film 24 or 23.98 rate (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_25PAL rate or 25 fps (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_30Not Drop Frame (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_30_DFNTSC Drop Frame (DF) timecode or 29.97 fps (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_5050p rate or 50 fps (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_50_Oddsource timecode for 50p odd-based
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_6060p source timecode
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_60_DF59.94 source timecode or 59.94 fps (timecode stream)
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_60_DF_Odd59.94 source timecode odd-based
eMTCF_SrcTC_Rate_60_Odd60p source timecode odd-based
eMTCF_UserTCThis flags mean that File/Live/Network have user timecode.
eMTCF_UserTC_DropFrameDrop frame (DF) timecode (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Progressive_Even_FrameFlag for progressive (50p, 59.94p, 60p) rates - even frame (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Progressive_Odd_FrameFlag for progressive (50p, 59.94p, 60p) rates - odd frame (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_24Film 24 or 23.98 rate (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_25PAL rate or 25 fps (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_30Not Drop Frame (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_30_DFNTSC Drop Frame (DF) timecode or 29.97 fps (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_5050p rate or 50 fps (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_50_Odd50p user timecode odd-based
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_6060p Not Drop Frame (user timecode)
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_60_DF59.94 user timecode
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_60_DF_Odd59.94 user timecode  odd-based
eMTCF_UserTC_Rate_60_Odd60p user timecode odd-based
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