CoMLCharGenClass Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CoMLCharGenClass.

Public Methods
Public MethodAddCallbackadds callback (for C++ and Delphi) to CG.  
Public MethodAddImageByHandleadds image from memory by its handle  
Public MethodAddNewItemadds new item to CG configuration.  
Public MethodAddNewTextItemadds new text item to CG configuration.  
Public MethodCaptureItemImagecaptures item image to a file.  
Public MethodChangeItemIDchanges item ID  
Public MethodChangeItemZOrderchanges order of item on Z axis (front - back)  
Public MethodCloneItemcopies the item  
Public MethodCompositionsAddItemsadds item to a composition.  
Public MethodCompositionsChangeNamechanges composition name  
Public MethodCompositionsDisplaydisplays a composition.  
Public MethodCompositionsDisplayInLayerdisplays composition in some layer. You need to create layer before call this method.  
Public MethodCompositionsGetByIndexgets composition by its index  
Public MethodCompositionsGetCountgets count of compositions.  
Public MethodCompositionsGetItemgets item in composition by its index  
Public MethodCompositionsGetItemsCountgets count of items in a composition  
Public MethodCompositionsLoadAllloads several compositions at once  
Public MethodCompositionsLoadOneloads a single composition  
Public MethodCompositionsRemoveremoves composition  
Public MethodCompositionsRemoveItemremoves item from a composition  
Public MethodCompositionsSaveToFilesaves composition configuration to the file  
Public MethodCompositionsSaveToStringsaves composition configuration to a string  
Public MethodEditItemAbsoluteRectGetReturns absolute rectangle of edited item  
Public MethodEditItemAbsoluteRectSetSets absolute rectangle for edited item  
Public MethodEditItemGetByPointReturns item ID by point. It is used for example in mouse click event in CG editor.  
Public MethodEditItemsGetByRectGets a set of items' IDs in a selected rectangle.  
Public MethodEditSelectionAddAdds item into a selection.  
Public MethodEditSelectionGetByIndexGets a selected item from the selection by item index  
Public MethodEditSelectionGetCountGets count of the selected items  
Public MethodEditSelectionRemoveRemoves a selection from the item.  
Public MethodEnableKeyingModeenables keyig mode  
Public MethodFlashCallFunctioncalls function of flash object  
Public MethodFlashGetClipInfogets flash clip information  
Public MethodFlashGetVariablegets flash variable  
Public MethodFlashGetVariableNamegets name of variable by its index  
Public MethodFlashGetVariablesCountgets count of flash variables  
Public MethodFlashGoToFrameseeks to the frame in flash  
Public MethodFlashGoToLabelseeks to a flash label  
Public MethodFlashSetReturnValueCBsets flash returned value  
Public MethodFlashSetVariablesets flash variable  
Public MethodGetAutoBlendget auto-blend configuration  
Public MethodGetItemgets item by its index  
Public MethodGetItemAnchorPosgets item anchor position  
Public MethodGetItemBasePropsgets item base properties  
Public MethodGetItemMovementgets item movement configuration  
Public MethodGetItemOriginalSizegets item original size  
Public MethodGetItemPropertiesgets item property  
Public MethodGetItemRategets item rate  
Public MethodGetItemsCountgets count of items  
Public MethodGetMLPropsgets a property value  
Public MethodGetPlayingFramegets a current frame  
Public MethodGetVideoOutputRectgets item output rectangular  
Public MethodGetVideoPropertiesgets video properties  
Public MethodGroupAddItemadds item to a group  
Public MethodGroupGetItemgets group item by its index  
Public MethodGroupGetItemGroupgets group by item ID  
Public MethodGroupItemsCountgets count of items in a group.  
Public MethodGroupRemoveAllremoves all items from group  
Public MethodGroupRemoveItemremoves single item from a group  
Public MethodIsKeyingModeindicates whether CG is in keying mode  
Public MethodIsUseExtraBufferindicates whether CG uses extra buffer  
Public MethodLoadConfigload configuration  
Public MethodLoadFromXMLloads a configuration from string or from file  
Public MethodPauseItempauses an item  
Public MethodRemoveCallbackremoves CG callback  
Public MethodRemoveCallback2removes callback cookie  
Public MethodRemoveItemremoves item  
Public MethodRemoveItemWithDelayremoves item with delay  
Public MethodRewindItemrewinds an item  
Public MethodSaveToXMLFilesaves configuration to a file  
Public MethodSaveToXMLFileParamsaves configuration to a file with additional parameters  
Public MethodSaveToXMLStringsaves configuration to a string  
Public MethodSaveToXMLStringParamsaves configuration to a string with additional parameters  
Public MethodScheduleAddadds scheduling to the item or composition.  
Public MethodScheduleBasicmakes item as basic scheduling item  
Public MethodScheduleBasicCancelcancel "basic" state for the item.  
Public MethodScheduleGetgets scheduling configuration by its ID  
Public MethodScheduleGetCountgets count of scheduling items  
Public MethodScheduleLoadFromXMLloads scheduling from file or string  
Public MethodScheduleRemoveremoves an item from scheduling timeline  
Public MethodScheduleSaveToFilesaves scheduling to a file  
Public MethodScheduleSaveToStringsaves scheduling to a string  
Public MethodScheduleTimelineContinueseeks a timeline to the position  
Public MethodScheduleTimelineGetCountgets count of timelines  
Public MethodScheduleTimelineGetIDgets timeline ID by its index.  
Public MethodScheduleTimelineGetTimesgets time positions of scheduling  
Public MethodScheduleTimelinePausepauses timeline  
Public MethodScheduleTimelineStartstarts timeline  
Public MethodScheduleTimelineStopstops timeline  
Public MethodSetAutoBlendsets item auto-blend parameters  
Public MethodSetItemAlphasets item transparency (from 0 to 255)  
Public MethodSetItemAnchorPossets item anchor position  
Public MethodSetItemBackgroundsets item background  
Public MethodSetItemBasePropssets item base properties  
Public MethodSetItemMovementsets item movement  
Public MethodSetItemPossets item positions  
Public MethodSetItemPropertiessets item properties  
Public MethodSetItemRatesets item rate  
Public MethodSetItemSizesets item size  
Public MethodSetMLPropssets a property value  
Public MethodSetPlayingFramesets item playing frame  
Public MethodSetTimeOffsetsets offset position  
Public MethodSetVideoOutputRectsets video output rectangular  
Public MethodSetVideoOutputRectWithDelaysets video output rectangular with delay  
Public MethodSetVideoPropertiessets video properties  
Public MethodShowItemshows or hides item  
Public MethodShowItemWithDelayshows or hides item with delay  
Public MethodShowPropertiesPageshows CG properties menu  
Public MethodTextGetPropsgets text item properties  
Public MethodTextSetPropssets text item properties  
Public MethodTickerAddContentadds content to the ticker.  
Public MethodTickerAddNewadds new ticker item  
Public MethodUseExtraBufferstart or stop using extra buffer  
Public Events
Public EventOnCGEventThis method is called when some CG event occurs.  
Public EventOnEndOfClipThis method is called when clip is over.  
Public EventOnFlashCallbackThis method is called when some flash callback event occurs.  
Public EventOnFrameThis method is called on every frame.  
Public EventOnTransitionDoneThis method is called when transition between items is done.  
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