MLCHARGENLib Namespace
Contains all classes, interfaces, enumerations and structures of Character Generator.
ClassCoMLCharGenClass Operates Character Generator
InterfaceIMLCharGen Operates CG items
InterfaceIMLCharGenCallback Operates events in CG (for C++, Delphi languages)
InterfaceIMLCharGenEdit Additional interface for CG Editor.
InterfaceIMLCharGenEvents Operates events in CG (for C#, Visual Basic languages)
InterfaceIMLCharGenSchedule Operates with scheduling of CG item
InterfaceIMLProperties Operates properties
InterfaceIMLXMLPersist Operates saving and loading of CG configurations
StructureCG_AUTO_BLEND Contains information about item auto-blend.
StructureCG_ITEM_MOVEMENT Contains information about item movement.
StructureCG_ITEM_PROPS Contains item base properties
StructureCG_SCHEDULE_TIMES contains information about item schedule
StructureCG_TEXT_PROPS Contains information about text item properties
StructureCG_VIDEO_PROPS Contains information about video item properties
StructuretagPOINT Contains information about item position
StructuretagRECT Contains information about rectangular around item.
StructuretagSIZE Contains information about item size

Specifies item alignment

EnumerationeCG_DTFlags Specifies text direction
EnumerationeCG_FileType Specifies file type for images
EnumerationeCG_GroupItemsRemoveType Specifies removing type of group items
EnumerationeCG_Interlace Specifies interlacing
EnumerationeCG_ItemType Specifies item types
EnumerationeCG_PlayingMode Specifies item playing mode
EnumerationeCG_Scale Specifies scale type
EnumerationeCG_TextType Specifies type of a text item
EnumerationeCG_TimelineState Specifies timeline state
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