MFAVPropsGet Method (MFFrameClass)
media properties
number of audio samples
Gets media properties of the frame
Public Overridable Sub MFAVPropsGet( _
   ByRef _pProps As M_AV_PROPS, _
   ByRef _plAudioSamples As Integer _
public virtual void MFAVPropsGet( 
   out M_AV_PROPS _pProps,
   out int _plAudioSamples
public procedure MFAVPropsGet( 
   Out  _pProps: M_AV_PROPS;
   Out  _plAudioSamples: Integer
); virtual; 
public: virtual void MFAVPropsGet( 
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] M_AV_PROPS _pProps,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] int _plAudioSamples


media properties
number of audio samples

Here is an example of how to get media properties of a frame:

MFFrame pFrame;
m_objLive.SourceFrameConvertedGet(ref m_avProps, -1, out pFrame, "");
M_AV_PROPS props;
int audioSamples;
pFrame.MFAVPropsGet(out props, out audioSamples);
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