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The following tables list the members exposed by MFFrameClass.

Public Methods
Public MethodMFAddToStreamAdd a frame to a stream  
Public MethodMFAllGetGets all frame's properties  
Public MethodMFAudioAllocAllocates frame's audio data  
Public MethodMFAudioChannelGetBytesGets audio channel's data pointer.
 Warning: For 20, 24, 32 integer this method returns 32 bit float data. The changes are applied only after a call of MFAudioChannelsUpdate() method  
Public MethodMFAudioChannelsUpdateUpdate frame's audio channel's data or number of channels. Call this method after modification of memory that is returned by MFAudioChannelGetBytes() method.  
Public MethodMFAudioCopyToCopies audio channels, the bits conversion can be also performed  
Public MethodMFAudioGainGets audio gain in dB.  
Public MethodMFAudioGetBytesGets audio data pointer and data size  
Public MethodMFAudioLoadFromFileLoads audio data from a WAV file  
Public MethodMFAudioMixMixes audio data  
Public MethodMFAudioMixDirectDirectly mixes audio data (audio data of source frame and of the mixed frame should have equal frequency)  
Public MethodMFAudioSaveToFileSave audio to file (WAV format is used). If the file is exist and have WAV format then audio will be added to the end of the file.
Note: format is not checked.  
Public MethodMFAudioSetSets frame's audio data  
Public MethodMFAVPropsGetGets media properties of the frame  
Public MethodMFAVPropsSetSets media properties for the frame.
Note that width, height, row-bytes can't be changed with this method. To change them you should convert a frame.  
Public MethodMFCloneGets a clone of the frame. See eMFrameClone for more information about clone types.  
Public MethodMFConvertConverts the frame's format (include frame rate conversion) or just scale the video frame.  
Public MethodMFCutCuts out part of video frame without memory copy. nFeild <= 0->both, nField=1 -> first field, nField=2 -> second field  
Public MethodMFDataGetGets ancillary data by four char code e.g. 'C608'.  
Public MethodMFDataGetByIndexGets ancillary data by its index  
Public MethodMFDataSetSets ancillary data by four char code e.g. 'C608'.  
Public MethodMFFlagCheckChecks a frame's flag  
Public MethodMFGetProcessIDGets frame's process ID  
Public MethodMFLoadLoads a full copy of all data (used internally for transfer data between process)  
Public MethodMFLoadFromStreamLoads a frame from a stream  
Public MethodMFObjGetGets an attached object by its ID  
Public MethodMFObjGetByIndexGets an attached object by its index.  
Public MethodMFObjSetSets an attached object by its ID  
Public MethodMFOverlayMixes frames: overlays _pFrameOverlay frame over this frame. By default audio gain is calculated based on overlay size and transparency or can be specified via 'audio_gain' property.  
Public MethodMFOverlayRectMixes frames - overlays _pFrameOverlay frame over this frame, the position is from top-left corner, for 4:2:2 images (e.g. UYVY) horizontal position is aligned by two (e.g. 21->20). By default audio gain is calculated based on overlay size and transparency or can be specified via 'audio_gain' props.  
Public MethodMFPrintPrints text over the frame. More details are here.  
Public MethodMFResizeResizes the frame (just scale video frame).  
Public MethodMFSaveSaves a full copy of all data (used internally for transfer data between process)  
Public MethodMFSaveToStreamSaves a frame to a stream  
Public MethodMFStrGetGets a string by its ID  
Public MethodMFStrGetByIndexGets a string by its index.  
Public MethodMFStrSetSets a string by its ID.  
Public MethodMFTimeGetGets a frame's time  
Public MethodMFTimeSetSets a frame's time  
Public MethodMFTransitionMakes a transition between frames  
Public MethodMFVideoGetBytesGets frame's video data pointer  
Public MethodMFVideoGetBytesExExtended method to get video bytes of a frame  
Public MethodMFVideoGetHbitmapGets a HBitmap for a frame  
Public MethodMFVideoSaveToFileSaves frame's video to a file. Supported formats are: PNG, JPG, BMP, TGA, TIFF  
Public MethodMFWaitAsyncWaits until asynchronous procedure is finished  
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