DeviceGetInternal Method (IMFDevice)
device type:
result object
gets an access to internal object. Required "device_sharing" feature disable for correct work.
For Blackmagic devices the 1st parameter is ignored. The method returns IDeckLinkInput (MFLive) / IDeckLinkOutput (MFRenderer) object (information about these interfaces is placed into Decklink SDK documentation)
Sub DeviceGetInternal( _
   ByVal _eDevType As eMFDeviceType, _
   ByRef _ppObject As Object _
void DeviceGetInternal( 
   eMFDeviceType _eDevType,
   out object _ppObject
procedure DeviceGetInternal( 
    _eDevType: eMFDeviceType;
   Out  _ppObject: TObject
void DeviceGetInternal( 
   eMFDeviceType _eDevType,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] IUnknown* _ppObject


device type:
  • eMFDT_Video - returns you video source object, for example ScreenCapture filter
  • eMFDT_Audio - returns audio source object
  • eMFDT_All - returns complete DirectShow graph
result object
object screenCapture;
m_objLive.DeviceGetInternal(eMFDeviceType.eMFDT_Video, out screenCapture);
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