IMFDevice Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMFDevice.

Public Methods
 MethodDeviceCloseCloses the current device  
 MethodDeviceGetGets the current device of a selected type  
 MethodDeviceGetByIndexGets a device by its index.  
 MethodDeviceGetCountGets a number of available devices of the selected type  
 MethodDeviceGetInternalgets an access to internal object. Required "device_sharing" feature disable for correct work.
For Blackmagic devices the 1st parameter is ignored. The method returns IDeckLinkInput (MFLive) / IDeckLinkOutput (MFRenderer) object (information about these interfaces is placed into Decklink SDK documentation)  
 MethodDeviceOpenOpen a device for work  
 MethodDeviceSetSets a device of the specified type.  
 MethodDeviceShowPropsShows device's property page.  
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