IMFrame Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMFrame.

Public Methods
 MethodFrameAudioGetBytesGets the audio plain data pointer (only local).  
 MethodFrameAudioSaveToFileSaves the audio to file (*.wav format is used). If file already exists then it adds audio to the end of the file.  
 MethodFrameAVPropsGetGets the media properties of frame.  
 MethodFrameAVPropsSetSets the media properties to frame.  
 MethodFrameCloneGets clone of the video frame  
 MethodFrameConvertConverts frame format or just scale video frame.  
 MethodFrameCutCuts out part of video frame, without memory copy.  
 MethodFrameDataGetGets the ancillary data by its code.  
 MethodFrameDataGetByIndexGets the ancillary data by number in M_ANC_DATA structure.  
 MethodFrameDataSetSets the ancillary data by its four chars code.  
 MethodFrameOverlayOverlay (mix) two frames with alpha, the position is from top-left corner, for 4:2:2 images (e.g. UYVY) horz position aligned by two (e.g. 21->20). Note: For ARGB32 images, alpha from images used for mix.  
 MethodFrameReleaseRelease frame buffer. Note: do it for ALL frames received by event in .Net application!  
 MethodFrameTimeGetGets the frame time.  
 MethodFrameTimeSetSets the frame time.  
 MethodFrameVideoGetBytesGets the video plain data pointer (only local).  
 MethodFrameVideoGetHbitmapGets the video HBitmap (bitmap handle).  
 MethodFrameVideoSaveToFileSaves the video frame to file. Method supports *.png, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.tga, *.tiff files.  
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