IMLCharGenSchedule Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMLCharGenSchedule.

Public Methods
 MethodScheduleAddadds scheduling to the item or composition.  
 MethodScheduleBasicmakes item as basic scheduling item  
 MethodScheduleBasicCancelcancel "basic" state for the item.  
 MethodScheduleGetgets scheduling configuration by its ID  
 MethodScheduleGetCountgets count of scheduling items  
 MethodScheduleLoadFromXMLloads scheduling from file or string  
 MethodScheduleRemoveremoves an item from scheduling timeline  
 MethodScheduleSaveToFilesaves scheduling to a file  
 MethodScheduleSaveToStringsaves scheduling to a string  
 MethodScheduleTimelineContinueseeks a timeline to the position  
 MethodScheduleTimelineGetCountgets count of timelines  
 MethodScheduleTimelineGetIDgets timeline ID by its index.  
 MethodScheduleTimelineGetTimesgets time positions of scheduling  
 MethodScheduleTimelinePausepauses timeline  
 MethodScheduleTimelineStartstarts timeline  
 MethodScheduleTimelineStopstops timeline  
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