IMLCharGenEdit Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMLCharGenEdit.

Public Methods
 MethodEditItemAbsoluteRectGetReturns absolute rectangle of edited item  
 MethodEditItemAbsoluteRectSetSets absolute rectangle for edited item  
 MethodEditItemGetByPointReturns item ID by point. It is used for example in mouse click event in CG editor.  
 MethodEditItemsGetByRectGets a set of items' IDs in a selected rectangle.  
 MethodEditSelectionAddAdds item into a selection.  
 MethodEditSelectionGetByIndexGets a selected item from the selection by item index  
 MethodEditSelectionGetCountGets count of the selected items  
 MethodEditSelectionRemoveRemoves a selection from the item.  
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