CG_ITEM_PROPS Structure Fields

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Public Fields
Public FieldbPauseItemindicates whether the item is paused or not  
Public FieldbShowItemindicates whether the item is shown or not  
Public FielddblPixelARaspect ratio of the item  
Public FieldeAligntype of alignment of an item  
Public FieldeInterlacetype of item interlace  
Public FieldePlayingModemode of item playback  
Public FieldeScalescale type of an item  
Public FieldeTypeitem type  
Public FieldnAlphavalue of alpha (transparency)  
Public FieldnBackColortransparency of item background (0 to 255)  
Public FieldnEdgesSmoothindicates whether the edges of the item are smooth or not  
Public FieldptPosposition of the item  
Public FieldrcIndentindent of the item  
Public FieldszItemsize of the item  
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