M_STREAM_INFO Structure Members

The following tables list the members exposed by M_STREAM_INFO.

Public Fields
Public FieldbsCodecNameOrTaga codec name or a tag  
Public FieldcbCodecDatacodec data size  
Public FielddblRateframe rate  
Public FieldeMediaTypemedia type  
Public FieldlpCodecDatacodec data pointer  
Public FieldnAspectXhorizontal aspect ratio  
Public FieldnAspectYvertical aspect ratio  
Public FieldnBitratebitrate (required for WMVA1/WMVA2)  
Public FieldnBitsPerCodedSamplebits per coded sample  
Public FieldnBlockAlignblock alignment (required for WMVA1/WMVA2)  
Public FieldnChannelsnumber of audio channels  
Public FieldnHeightheight  
Public FieldnSampleRatesample rate  
Public FieldnWidthwidth  
Public FieldraTimeBaseTime base (if not specified in 100 nsec units - 1/10 000 000 sec)  
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