MF_KEY_EVENT Structure Fields

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Public Fields
Public FieldcharacterThe character generated by the keystroke  
Public FieldeFlagsEvent flags  
Public FieldeTypeKey event type  
Public Fieldfocus_on_editable_fieldTrue if the focus is currently on an editable field on the page. This is useful for determining if standard key events should be intercepted.  
Public Fieldis_system_keyIndicates whether the event is considered as a "system key" event  
Public Fieldnative_key_codeThe actual key code generated by the platform  
Public Fieldunmodified_characterSame as character but unmodified by any concurrently-held modifiers (except shift). This is useful for working out shortcut keys.  
Public Fieldwindows_key_codeThe Windows key code for the key event. This value is used by the DOM specification.  
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