MFLiveClass Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by MFLiveClass.

Public Methods
Public MethodDeviceCloseCloses the current device  
Public MethodDeviceGetGets the current device of a selected type  
Public MethodDeviceGetByIndexGets a device by its index.  
Public MethodDeviceGetCountGets a number of available devices of the selected type  
Public MethodDeviceGetInternalgets an access to internal object. Required "device_sharing" feature disable for correct work.
For Blackmagic devices the 1st parameter is ignored. The method returns IDeckLinkInput (MFLive) / IDeckLinkOutput (MFRenderer) object (information about these interfaces is placed into Decklink SDK documentation)  
Public MethodDeviceOpenOpen a device for work  
Public MethodDeviceSetSets a device of the specified type.  
Public MethodDeviceShowPropsShows device's property page.  
Public MethodFormatAudioGetGets current audio format  
Public MethodFormatAudioGetByIndexGets an audio format by its index  
Public MethodFormatAudioGetCountGets number of available formats for selected type  
Public MethodFormatAudioSetSets audio format  
Public MethodFormatVideoGetGets a current video format  
Public MethodFormatVideoGetByIndexGets the video format by its index.  
Public MethodFormatVideoGetCountGets a number of available video formats of selected type.  
Public MethodFormatVideoSetSets a video format  
Public MethodMFCallbackSetSets callback to events for an object  
Public MethodMFCallbackSetFuncSets a callback function  
Public MethodMFCloseCommon method for close object - can be used for close any object e.g. instead ReaderClose, DeviceClose, SpltterClose etc.  
Public MethodMFInternalGetGets internal component interface - work only for MFLive/MFRenderer IF device_sharing DISABLED (DirectShow/Decklink)  
Public MethodMFStateGetReturn state of specifed object and optionally some extra info (like path to file, device name etc.)  
Public MethodPropsGetGets object's property.  
Public MethodPropsGetByIndexGets a property's name and value by property's index.  
Public MethodPropsGetCountGets count of properties in a selected node  
Public MethodPropsInfoGetGets information of required type about a selected property  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetGets property option  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetByIndexGets an option for a property  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetCountGets a number of available option for a selected property  
Public MethodPropsOptionSetByIndexSets a property's option by the option's index  
Public MethodPropsRemoveRemoves a selected property  
Public MethodPropsSetSets a current property's value  
Public MethodSourceAVPropsGetGets media properties (audio and video) of a source object  
Public MethodSourceFrameConvertedGetGets a next frame (that is converted to required format) from file or live source  
Public MethodSourceFrameConvertedGetByNumberGets a converted to required format frame by its number. For live sources number is ignored.  
Public MethodSourceFrameConvertedGetByTimeGets a converted to required format frame by its time. For live sources time is ignored.  
Public MethodSourceFrameConvertedGetByTimeVB6Get converted frame by time (VB6 only method)  
Public MethodSourceFrameGetGets an original next frame of a file or live source  
Public MethodSourceFrameGetByNumberGets an original frame by its number. For live sources number is ignored.  
Public MethodSourceFrameGetByTimeGets an original frame by its time. For live sources time is ignored.  
Public Events
Public EventOnEventSafeRaises on each received event  
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