MFFrameCreateFromHBITMAP Method (MFFactoryClass)
bitmap handle object
result frame
additional properties
Creates a frame from a HBitmap object
Public Overridable Sub MFFrameCreateFromHBITMAP( _
   ByVal _hBitmap As Long, _
   ByRef _ppFrame As MFFrame, _
   ByVal _bsPropsList As String _
public virtual void MFFrameCreateFromHBITMAP( 
   long _hBitmap,
   out MFFrame _ppFrame,
   string _bsPropsList
public procedure MFFrameCreateFromHBITMAP( 
    _hBitmap: Int64;
   Out  _ppFrame: MFFrame;
    _bsPropsList: String
); virtual; 
public: virtual void MFFrameCreateFromHBITMAP( 
   long _hBitmap,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] MFFrame* _ppFrame,
   BSTR* _bsPropsList


bitmap handle object
result frame
additional properties

Here is an example of how to create a frame from HBitmap and sent it to a preview:

m_objPreview = new MFPreviewClass();
//Configure preview
m_objPreview.PreviewWindowSet("", panelPreview.Handle.ToInt32());
m_objPreview.PreviewEnable("", 1, 1);
MFFactoryClass factory = new MFFactoryClass();
MFFrame frame;
factory.MFFrameCreateFromFile(h_bitmap, out frame, "");
m_objPreview.ReceiverFramePut(frame, -1, "");
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