MFBufferAlloc Method (MFFactoryClass)
Allocates a buffer with specified size, and optionally copy memory
Public Overridable Sub MFBufferAlloc( _
   ByVal _cbSize As UInteger, _
   ByVal _lpBuffer As Long, _
   ByRef _ppBuffer As IMFBuffer, _
   ByVal _eFlags As eMFBufferFlags _
public virtual void MFBufferAlloc( 
   uint _cbSize,
   long _lpBuffer,
   out IMFBuffer _ppBuffer,
   eMFBufferFlags _eFlags
public procedure MFBufferAlloc( 
    _cbSize: LongWord;
    _lpBuffer: Int64;
   Out  _ppBuffer: IMFBuffer;
    _eFlags: eMFBufferFlags
); virtual; 
public: virtual void MFBufferAlloc( 
   uint _cbSize,
   long _lpBuffer,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] IMFBuffer* _ppBuffer,
   eMFBufferFlags _eFlags


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