IMFWriter Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMFWriter.

Public Methods
 MethodReceiverFramePutPuts frame to encoding process  
 MethodWriterCloseCloses writer's object and encoding process  
 MethodWriterGetReturns target path of encoding and full encoding's configuration  
 MethodWriterOptionGetGets currently set configuration's option (format, video or audio codec)  
 MethodWriterOptionGetByIndexGets a writer's option by its index.   
 MethodWriterOptionGetCountGets a number of available options (number of available formats, audio or video codecs)  
 MethodWriterOptionSetSets writer's option by its name  
 MethodWriterOptionSetByIndexSets writer's option by its index  
 MethodWriterSetSets target path and configuration for encoding. Also turns on writer's object to be ready to receive frames.  
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