MFVideoGetHbitmap Method (IMFFrame)
HBITMAP of video data of the frame
Gets a HBitmap for a frame
Sub MFVideoGetHbitmap( _
   ByRef _pllHBitmap As Long _
void MFVideoGetHbitmap( 
   out long _pllHBitmap
procedure MFVideoGetHbitmap( 
   Out  _pllHBitmap: Int64
void MFVideoGetHbitmap( 
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] long _pllHBitmap


HBITMAP of video data of the frame

Here is an example of how to get a frame and get a HBitmap of frame's video:

m_objMFReader = new MFReaderClass();
m_objMFReader.ReaderOpen(sourceFileName, "");
m_avProps = new M_AV_PROPS(); // set video format for conversion
m_avProps.vidProps.eVideoFormat = eMVideoFormat.eMVF_HD1080_5994i;
MFFrame pFrame = null;
// Get next frame or frame by position
if (m_objMFReader != null)
    m_objMFReader.SourceFrameConvertedGetByTime(ref m_avProps, -1, -1, out pFrame, "");
int h_bitmap;
pFrame.MFVideoGetHbitmap(out h_bitmap);
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