MFClone Method (IMFFrame)
result (cloned) frame
clone's type
pixel's format
Gets a clone of the frame. See eMFrameClone for more information about clone types.
Sub MFClone( _
   ByRef _ppCloneFrame As MFFrame, _
   ByVal _eCloneType As eMFrameClone, _
   ByVal _fccPixelFormat As eMFCC _
procedure MFClone( 
   Out  _ppCloneFrame: MFFrame;
    _eCloneType: eMFrameClone;
    _fccPixelFormat: eMFCC
void MFClone( 
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] MFFrame* _ppCloneFrame,
   eMFrameClone _eCloneType,
   eMFCC _fccPixelFormat


result (cloned) frame
clone's type
pixel's format

Here is an example of how to make a full clone of a frame:

MFFrame pFrame;
m_objLive.SourceFrameConvertedGet(ref m_avProps, -1, out pFrame, "");
MFFrame clonedFrame;
pFrame.MFClone(out clonedFrame, eMFrameClone.eMFC_Full, eMFCC.eMFCC_Default);
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