IMFAudioBuffer Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMFAudioBuffer.

Public Methods
 MethodBufferFrameChannelsAppendAppends audio channels from buffer to a specified frame, the number of samples retrieved from specified frame  
 MethodBufferFrameFillReads audio from buffer to a frame. If _nSamples = 0 then the audio duration calculated from frame rate, if _nSamples < 0 then whole buffer is used.  
 MethodBufferFrameMixMixes audio from buffer with specified frame, the number of samples retrieved from specified frame.
Note: The audio can be insufficient. In this case use two lines for mixing.  
 MethodBufferFramePutPuts audio from a frame to the buffer.  
 MethodBufferGetGet audio data from buffer.
For planar format specify _cbAudioPlane: -1 auto size (from number of samples), 0 - interleaved.
Note: if _ppAudio is NULL then allocate internal buffer, else copy to specified buffer.  
 MethodBufferLinesMixMixes audio from buffer lines  
 MethodBufferLinesRemoveRemoves line from buffer  
 MethodBufferLoadFromFileLoads audio form file to a buffer.  
 MethodBufferPropsGetGets buffer's audio props  
 MethodBufferPropsSetSets buffer's audio properties  
 MethodBufferPutPtrPuts audio data to a buffer. If _pbAudio is NULL then the buffer is filled with silence  
 MethodBufferPutPtrExPut audio data to buffer, also correct audio data by time (add silence or skip data), for planar format specify _cbAudioPlane: -1 auto size (from number of samples), 0 - interleaved  
 MethodBufferRemoveRemoves audio data from the buffer  
 MethodBufferTimesEnableEnable audio buffer times watching (e.g. for BufferFramePut, BufferFrameFill methods) and set max difference for times (if 0 then ONLY breaks are used)  
 MethodBufferTimesGetGet audio buffer times (if any)  
 MethodBufferTimesIsEnabledIndicates whether buffer times are enabled and shows differences values  
 MethodBufferTimesSetSet audio buffer start/end time (remove or add audio if needed) Note: The rtEndTime ONLY for minimum time, if buffer end is greater then ignored.  
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