ReaderNameSet Method (MFReaderDSClass)
source file name
extra parameters
Sets file name or change current playing file. (PROPS not IMPL yet)
The IN (start), OUT (stop) points specified via parameters (in seconds):
e.g. 'in=10.0 out=20.0'
For insert break the file playback (play the new file and after file reach the end, resume playback of interrupted file),
use BREAK param: e.g. 'in=10.0 out=20.0 break=true'
Public Overridable Sub ReaderNameSet( _
   ByVal _bsFile As String, _
   ByVal _bsPropsList As String _
public virtual void ReaderNameSet( 
   string _bsFile,
   string _bsPropsList
public procedure ReaderNameSet( 
    _bsFile: String;
    _bsPropsList: String
); virtual; 
public: virtual void ReaderNameSet( 
   BSTR* _bsFile,
   BSTR* _bsPropsList


source file name
extra parameters
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