MFReaderDSClass Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by MFReaderDSClass.

Public Methods
Public MethodMFCallbackSetSets callback to events for an object  
Public MethodMFCallbackSetFuncSets a callback function  
Public MethodMFCloseCommon method for close object - can be used for close any object e.g. instead ReaderClose, DeviceClose, SpltterClose etc.  
Public MethodMFInternalGetGets internal component interface - work only for MFLive/MFRenderer IF device_sharing DISABLED (DirectShow/Decklink)  
Public MethodMFStateGetReturn state of specifed object and optionally some extra info (like path to file, device name etc.)  
Public MethodPropsGetGets object's property.  
Public MethodPropsGetByIndexGets a property's name and value by property's index.  
Public MethodPropsGetCountGets count of properties in a selected node  
Public MethodPropsInfoGetGets information of required type about a selected property  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetGets property option  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetByIndexGets an option for a property  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetCountGets a number of available option for a selected property  
Public MethodPropsOptionSetByIndexSets a property's option by the option's index  
Public MethodPropsRemoveRemoves a selected property  
Public MethodPropsSetSets a current property's value  
Public MethodReaderAudioLevelGetGets audio level of file  
Public MethodReaderCloseCloses a reader (used if reader is used via DirectShow)  
Public MethodReaderControlActivePauseGetGets active pause state (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderControlActivePauseSetPlay/Active Pause reader (for alternative playback control), sequential calls switch to next/prev frame (depends on playback rate)  
Public MethodReaderControlPosGetGets current position (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderControlPosGetTCGets current position via timecode (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderControlPosSetSets current position (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderControlPosSetTCSets current position via timecode (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderControlRateGetGets playback rate (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderControlRateSetSets playback rate (for alternative playback control)  
Public MethodReaderCreateGraphCreate playback graph for specified name, and connect specified renderes or render output pins (specified via _bsPropsList)
connect_video=CLSID/Filter Name/moniker e.g.
connect_video='{CEB13CC8-3591-45A5-BA0F-20E9A1D72F76}' or 'Video Mixing Renderer 9'
connect_audio=CLSID/Filter Name/moniker e.g.
connect_audio='@device:cm:{E0F158E1-CB04-11D0-BD4E-00A0C911CE86}\DirectSound: Speakers (2- Blackmagic Audio)' or 'Decklink Audio Renderer'
render_video=true render_audio=true
if _bsPropsList is empty then just insert MFReaderDS into graph
Public MethodReaderFrameGetGets frame at specified position  
Public MethodReaderFrameGetByIdxGet frame by frame index, use negative values for get next frames,
e.g. -1 - next frame, -2 - frame after next (skip one frame), etc.  
Public MethodReaderFrameGetByTCGets frame by timecode. Use NULL for get next frame  
Public MethodReaderInfoGetGets audio and video properties and duration  
Public MethodReaderNameGetGets a file name  
Public MethodReaderNameSetSets file name or change current playing file. (PROPS not IMPL yet)
The IN (start), OUT (stop) points specified via parameters (in seconds):
e.g. 'in=10.0 out=20.0'
For insert break the file playback (play the new file and after file reach the end, resume playback of interrupted file),
use BREAK param: e.g. 'in=10.0 out=20.0 break=true'  
Public MethodReaderRegisteredExtensionsGetGet register extensions for DirectShow automated rendering (e.g. 'avi mov mp4 ts mpg' etc.)  
Public MethodReaderRegisterExtensionsRegister / Unregister specified extensions for DirectShow automated rendering (e.g. 'avi mov mp4 ts mpg' etc.)  
Public Events
Public EventOnEventRaises on every received event  
Public EventOnEventSafeRaises on each received event  
Public EventOnFrameRaises on each frame  
Public EventOnFrameSafeRaises on each frame processed  
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