eMFrameFlags Enumeration
Specifies the frame position and frame type
eMFF_AddedFrameAdded frame
eMFF_BIBI Type (BI-frame)
eMFF_Bidir_PredictedBi-dir type predicted frame
eMFF_BreakStream break flag (for example, first sample or first after seeking)
eMFF_Break_BIBI type for break frame
eMFF_Break_Bidir_PredictedBi-dir type for break frame
eMFF_Break_Intrabreak-intra frame
eMFF_Break_PredictedPredicted type for break frame
eMFF_Break_S_GMC_VOP_MPEG4break frame for S GMC VOP MPEG4 standard
eMFF_Break_Switching_IntraSwitching Intra type for break frame
eMFF_Break_Switching_PredictedSwitching Predicted
eMFF_IntraIntra type (I-Frame)
eMFF_LastLast frame in stream flag (for example, last frame in file).
eMFF_Last_Breaklast break frame
eMFF_Last_Duplast dup frame
eMFF_Last_Pauselast pause frame
eMFF_LiveSource is Live flag (for not delay sample if possible)
eMFF_Live_AddedFrameAdded live frame
eMFF_Live_BreakLive stream break flag
eMFF_Live_LastLast frame in live stream flag
eMFF_Live_Last_Breaklast break frame for live source
eMFF_Live_SkippedFrameSkipped live frame
eMFF_Main_MaskFlag mask
eMFF_NetSource is Network stream (for not block the sample)
eMFF_Net_BIBI type for network frame
eMFF_Net_Bidir_PredictedBi-dir predicted type for network frame
eMFF_Net_BreakNetwork stream break flag
eMFF_Net_Break_BIBI type for network break frame
eMFF_Net_Break_Bidir_PredictedBi-dir predicted type for network break frame
eMFF_Net_Break_IntraIntra type for network break frame
eMFF_Net_Break_PredictedPredicted type for network break frame
eMFF_Net_Break_S_GMC_VOP_MPEG4break frame for S GMC VOP MPEG4 standard for network stream
eMFF_Net_Break_Switching_IntraSwitching Intra type for network break frame
eMFF_Net_Break_Switching_PredictedSwitching Predicted type for network break frame
eMFF_Net_IntraIntra type for network frame
eMFF_Net_LastNetwork stream last frame flag
eMFF_Net_Last_Breaklast break frame for network stream
eMFF_Net_PredictedPredicted type for network frame
eMFF_Net_S_GMC_VOP_MPEG4S GMC VOP MPEG4 frame for network stream
eMFF_Net_Switching_IntraSwitching Intra type for network frame
eMFF_Net_Switching_PredictedSwitching predicted type for network frame
eMFF_NoneEmpty flags
eMFF_PausePause flags
eMFF_PredictedPredicted type (P-frame)
eMFF_Reversereverse frame
eMFF_Reverse_BIreverse Bi-frame
eMFF_Reverse_Bidir_Predictedreverse Bi-dir predicted frame
eMFF_Reverse_Breakreverse break frame
eMFF_Reverse_Break_BIreverse break Bi-frame
eMFF_Reverse_Break_Bidir_Predictedreverse break Bi-dir predicted frame
eMFF_Reverse_Break_Intrareverse break intra frame
eMFF_Reverse_Break_Predictedreverse break-predicted frame
eMFF_Reverse_Break_S_GMC_VOP_MPEG4reverse break frame for S GMC VOP MPEG4 standard
eMFF_Reverse_Break_Switching_Intrareverse break switching intra frame
eMFF_Reverse_Break_Switching_Predictedreverse break switching predicted frame
eMFF_Reverse_Intrareverse I-frame
eMFF_Reverse_Lastreverse last frame
eMFF_Reverse_Pausereverse pause frame
eMFF_Reverse_Predictedreverse predicted (P) frame
eMFF_Reverse_S_GMC_VOP_MPEG4reverse frame for S GMC VOP MPEG4 standard
eMFF_Reverse_Switching_Intrareverse switching I-frame
eMFF_Reverse_Switching_Predictedreverse switching P-frame
eMFF_S_GMC_VOP_MPEG4frame for S GMC VOP MPEG4 standard
eMFF_SkippedFrameSkipped frame
eMFF_Switching_IntraSwitching Intra type
eMFF_Switching_PredictedSwitching Predicted type
eMFF_Type_MaskType flags' mask
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