M_VID_PROPS Structure Fields

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Public Fields
Public FielddblRateVideo frame rate.  
Public Fielde3DFormatType of 3D format.  
Public FieldeInterlaceInterlacing type.  
Public FieldeScaleTypeScaling type. You can set scaling for whole object (for example, for whole playlist).  
Public FieldeVideoFormatFormat of video.  
Public FieldfccTypeVideo colorspace four-char code.  
Public FieldnAspectXThe X dimension of picture aspect ratio.  
Public FieldnAspectYThe Y dimension of picture aspect ratio.  
Public FieldnHeightHeight of picture in pixels (zero for original size).  
Public FieldnRowBytesVideo row bytes.  
Public FieldnWidthWidth of picture in pixels (zero or negative value for original size).  
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