SchedulerStatGet Method (MWriterClass)
MItem scheduled object
last time of execution
number of executions
Gets the information about task (last time of execution and number of executions).
Public Overridable Sub SchedulerStatGet( _
   ByVal _pTask As MItem, _
   ByRef _pTimeExecute As M_DATETIME, _
   ByRef _pnExecutionCount As Integer _
public virtual void SchedulerStatGet( 
   MItem _pTask,
   out M_DATETIME _pTimeExecute,
   out int _pnExecutionCount
public procedure SchedulerStatGet( 
    _pTask: MItem;
   Out  _pTimeExecute: M_DATETIME;
   Out  _pnExecutionCount: Integer
); virtual; 
public: virtual void SchedulerStatGet( 
   MItem* _pTask,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] M_DATETIME _pTimeExecute,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] int _pnExecutionCount


MItem scheduled object
last time of execution
number of executions
Dim mTimeStart As M_DATETIME
Dim mTimeStop As M_DATETIME
Dim eStartType As eMStartType
Dim myTask As MItem
pItem.ItemTimesGet(mTimeStart, mTimeStop, eStartType)
Dim strPath As String = "d:\clips\SampleClip1.wmv"
myPlaylist.SchedulerAdd(mTimeStop, Nothing, strPath, "", myTask)
Dim myLastTime As M_DATETIME
Dim myCount As Integer
myPlaylist.SchedulerStatGet(myTask, myLastTime, myCount)
M_DATETIME mTimeStart;
eMStartType eStartType;
MItem myTask;
pItem.ItemTimesGet(out mTimeStart, out mTimeStop, out eStartType);
string strPath = @"d:\clips\SampleClip1.wmv";
myPlaylist.SchedulerAdd(mTimeStop, null, strPath, "", out myTask);
M_DATETIME myLastTime;
int myCount;
myPlaylist.SchedulerStatGet(myTask, out myLastTime, out myCount);
myPlaylist: MPlaylist;
mTimeStart, mTimeStop, mLastTime: M_DATETIME;
eStartType: eMStartType;
myTask: MItem;
myCount: integer;
strPath: string;
myScheduler: IMScheduler;
myPlaylist:= CreateComObject(CLASS_MPlaylist) as MPlaylist; 
pItem.ItemTimesGet(mTimeStart, mTimeStop, eStartType);
myScheduler := myPlaylist as IMScheduler;
strPath :='d:\clips\SampleClip1.wmv';
myScheduler.SchedulerAdd(mTimeStop, nil, strPath, '', myTask);
myScheduler.SchedulerStatGet(myTask, myLastTime, myCount);
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