MWebRTCClass Class Methods

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Public Methods
Public MethodConnectToPeerConnects to peer  
Public MethodDisconnectPeerDisconnects from peer  
Public MethodGetPeerByIndexGets a peer by its index  
Public MethodGetPeerProps  
Public MethodGetPeersCountGets count of peers  
Public MethodLoginLogins to signaling server  
Public MethodLogoutLogout from signalling server  
Public MethodObjectCallbackSetSet callback for events handling  
Public MethodObjectCallbackSetFuncSets callback functions  
Public MethodPropsGetGets the properties.  
Public MethodPropsGetByIndexGets the property by its index.  
Public MethodPropsGetCountGets the count of properties.  
Public MethodPropsInfoGetGets information about property  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetGets property from options  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetByIndexGets property option by its index  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetCountGets number of options for the property  
Public MethodPropsOptionSetByIndexSets option property by its index  
Public MethodPropsRemoveRemoves the property.  
Public MethodPropsSetSets the property.  
Public MethodReceiverChannelAdd  
Public MethodReceiverChannelAddByName  
Public MethodReceiverChannelGetByIndex  
Public MethodReceiverChannelGetCount  
Public MethodReceiverChannelRemove  
Public MethodReceiverPutEOS  
Public MethodReceiverPutFlush  
Public MethodReceiverPutFrame  
Public MethodSendMessageToPeerSends message to peer  
Public MethodSourceFrameGetDEPRECATED use SourceFrameGetEx(with reader IDs) !!! Get video frame from source object (MLive, MFile, MPlaylist, MMixer)  
Public MethodSourceFrameGetExGet video frame from source object (MLive, MFile, MPlaylist, MMixer) Note: after stop taken frames, use eFGT_Remove especially for eFGT_Sync mode"  
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