MPreviewClass Class Methods

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Public Methods
Public MethodObjectCallbackSetSets the callback (for C++ and Delphi, for other languages use events). This method blocks the video stream.  
Public MethodObjectCallbackSetFuncSets the callback function (for C++ and Delphi, for other languages use events). The method blocks the video stream.  
Public MethodObjectCloseStops and closes the current object.  
Public MethodObjectCommandExecuteExecutes the special command for object.  
Public MethodObjectFrameGetGets the current frame from any source object.  
Public MethodObjectGetInternalGets DirectShow object in MPlatform. Use for MLive, MRenderer and MWriter objects.  
Public MethodObjectNameGetGets the object name.  
Public MethodObjectNameSetSets the object name.  
Public MethodObjectStartInitializes and starts the object.  
Public MethodObjectStateGetGets the state of object.  
Public MethodObjectVirtualSourceCreateCreates virtual source.  
Public MethodPluginsAddAdds the plugin (for example, CG).  
Public MethodPluginsAddVB6PluginsAdd method for VB6  
Public MethodPluginsGetByIndexGets the plugin by its index.  
Public MethodPluginsGetByIndexVB6PluginsGetByIndex method for VB6  
Public MethodPluginsGetCountGets the number of plugins.  
Public MethodPluginsRemoveRemoves the plugin.  
Public MethodPluginsReorderReorders plugins (for example, to add CG overlay before color conversion)  
Public MethodPreviewAudioVolumeGetGets the audio volume of preview. "0" is for full loudness and "-100" is for silence.  
Public MethodPreviewAudioVolumeSetSets the audio volume of preview. "0" is for full loudness and "-100" is for silence.  
Public MethodPreviewEnableEnables the preview.  
Public MethodPreviewFullScreenEnables the full screen mode.  
Public MethodPreviewIsEnabledIndicates whether a preview is enabled  
Public MethodPreviewIsFullScreenIndicates whether the full screen mode is enabled on specified screen.  
Public MethodPreviewSetCursorSets type of pointer in video preview window.  
Public MethodPreviewWindowSetSets the parent window for preview.  
Public MethodPreviewWindowSetVB6PreviewWindowSet method for VB6  
Public MethodPropsGetGets the properties.  
Public MethodPropsGetByIndexGets the property by its index.  
Public MethodPropsGetCountGets the count of properties.  
Public MethodPropsInfoGetGets information about property  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetGets property from options  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetByIndexGets property option by its index  
Public MethodPropsOptionGetCountGets number of options for the property  
Public MethodPropsOptionSetByIndexSets option property by its index  
Public MethodPropsRemoveRemoves the property.  
Public MethodPropsSetSets the property.  
Public MethodReceiverChannelAddAdds the media sender to renderer.  
Public MethodReceiverChannelAddByNameAdds the media sender by its name.  
Public MethodReceiverChannelGetByIndexGets the information about sender by its index.  
Public MethodReceiverChannelGetCountGets the number of connected senders.  
Public MethodReceiverChannelRemoveRemoves the media sender.  
Public MethodReceiverPutEOSPuts the end of stream command to renderer. It is used when stream is no longer needed for data transmission.  
Public MethodReceiverPutFlushPuts the Flush command to renderer to reset all data in object. It used before object removing.  
Public MethodReceiverPutFramePuts frame to the renderer  
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