ElementsGetByID Method (MMixerClass)
ID of the element
the resulting element
Gets the scene element by its ID.
Public Overridable Sub ElementsGetByID( _
   ByVal _bsElementID As String, _
   ByRef _ppChildElement As MElement _
public virtual void ElementsGetByID( 
   string _bsElementID,
   out MElement _ppChildElement
public procedure ElementsGetByID( 
    _bsElementID: String;
   Out  _ppChildElement: MElement
); virtual; 
public: virtual void ElementsGetByID( 
   BSTR* _bsElementID,
   [PARAMFLAG::Out] MElement* _ppChildElement


ID of the element
the resulting element
Dim myMixer As New MMixerClass()
myMixer.ScenesActiveGet(mySceneID, myIndex, myScene)
Dim pChild As MElement
myScene.ElementsAdd("newElem", "video", "stream_idx=0 h=0.5 w=0.5 show=1", pChild, 2.0)
myScene.ElementsGetByID("newElem", myElement)
MMixerClass myMixer = new MMixerClass();
myMixer.ScenesActiveGet(out mySceneID, out myIndex, out myScene);
MElement pChild;
myScene.ElementsAdd("newElem", "video", "stream_idx=0 h=0.5 w=0.5 show=1", out pChild, 2.0);
myScene.ElementsGetByID("newElem", out myElement);
myMixer: MMixer;
myScenes: IMScenes;
myScene: IMElements;
mySceneID: string;
myIndex: integer;
myElement: MElement;
myMixer:= CreateComObject(CLASS_MMixer) as MMixer;
myScenes := myMixer as IMScenes;
myScenes.ScenesActiveGet(mySceneID, myIndex, myScene);
myScene.ElementsAdd('newElem', 'video', tream_idx=0 h=0.5 w=0.5 show=1', myElement, 2.0);
myScene.ElementsGetByID('newElem', myElement);
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