IMScheduler Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodSchedulerAddAdds a new scheduled item (file, playlist or live source) at specified time. Not implemented yet.  
 MethodSchedulerCommandAddAdds a new command to task at specified time.  
 MethodSchedulerGetByIndexGets the task by its index.  
 MethodSchedulerGetByTimeGets the task that is next to the specified time.  
 MethodSchedulerGetCountGets the count of scheduled tasks.  
 MethodSchedulerGetNextGets one of next tasks or all next tasks after specified index.  
 MethodSchedulerRemoveRemoves the single task.  
 MethodSchedulerRemoveByIndexRemoves multiple tasks by its index.  
 MethodSchedulerStatGetGets the information about task (last time of execution and number of executions).  
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