IMReceiver Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMReceiver.

Public Methods
 MethodReceiverChannelAddAdds the media sender to renderer.  
 MethodReceiverChannelAddByNameAdds the media sender by its name.  
 MethodReceiverChannelGetByIndexGets the information about sender by its index.  
 MethodReceiverChannelGetCountGets the number of connected senders.  
 MethodReceiverChannelRemoveRemoves the media sender.  
 MethodReceiverPutEOSPuts the end of stream command to renderer. It is used when stream is no longer needed for data transmission.  
 MethodReceiverPutFlushPuts the Flush command to renderer to reset all data in object. It used before object removing.  
 MethodReceiverPutFramePuts frame to the renderer  
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