IMFFactory Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IMFFactory.

Public Methods
 MethodMFFrameCloneGets a clone of the frame. See eMFrameClone for more information about clone types. If _fccPixelFormat is not eMFCC_Default and not the original, then video will be copied even for reference frames.
Note: If frame is out-of-prcoess, the clone ALSO out-of-process. You should call MFFrameMakeLocal() for such frames.  
 MethodMFFrameCreateFromFileCreates a frame from a file  
 MethodMFFrameCreateFromHBITMAPCreates a frame from a HBitmap object  
 MethodMFFrameCreateFromMemCreates a frame from memory  
 MethodMFFrameCreateFromMemExExtended method to create a frame (MFFrame object) from memory  
 MethodMFFrameCreateFromTextureCreates a MFFrame object from D3D texture  
 MethodMFFrameCreatePlainCreates a plain (empty) frame  
 MethodMFFrameCreateWrapperCreates frame from object (e.g. WICBitmapLock, D3D9Surface, MediaSample, NSSBuffer - etc) - just keeps a reference to external object and use memory pointer.  
 MethodMFFrameMakeLocalMakes a local copy of external frame. For interprocess communication. Before use a frame from another process make sure that you call this method.  
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