IMAudioTrack Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodTrackChannelOrderGetGets channel order.  
 MethodTrackChannelOrderSetChanges specific channel order.
For example, it can be used to swap left and right channels.  
 MethodTrackChannelsGetGets the number of input track channels, the number of output channels and first channel index of this track in output stream.  
 MethodTrackChannelsSetSets the number of output channels for this track. If output channels number is less than input (for example 5.1 to stereo) then mixes the channels together.
To prevent mixing you can mute unneeded channels first.  
 MethodTrackGainGetGets the audio gain for specific channel.  
 MethodTrackGainSetSets the audio gain for specific channel or whole track.  
 MethodTrackIsVirtualIndicates whether the track is virtual.  
 MethodTrackLoudnessGetGets the audio track original and output loudness information.  
 MethodTrackModeGetGets the audio track mode.  
 MethodTrackModeSetSets the track mode.  
 MethodTrackMuteGetIndicates whether the channel is muted.  
 MethodTrackMuteSetMutes the specific channel.  
 MethodTrackOrderGetGets the output order of this track.  
 MethodTrackOrderSetSets the output order of this track.  
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