SINGLE_KEY Structure Fields

For a list of all members of this type, see SINGLE_KEY members.

Public Fields
Public FieldnAlphaThe transparency for color  
Public FieldnCancelAlphaCancel alpha values  
Public FieldnCancelChromaCancel chroma values  
Public FieldnCancelLumaCancel luma values  
Public FieldnCancelPowerPower of anti-spill correction  
Public FieldnCancelRangeThe range for anti-spill correction  
Public FieldnDeltaThe tolerance value (for each component)  
Public FieldnReverseKeyReverse key flag 0/1 (for exclude points)  
Public FieldnSmoothRangeThe additional value for delta (scalar value)  
Public FieldnValueThe center value - RGB(R,G,B) or RGB(H,L,S)  
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SINGLE_KEY Structure