IMKey Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodKeyAddPointAdd point to key  
 MethodKeyAddRectAdd rectangle to key  
 MethodKeyAdjustGetGet keying ajust propeties  
 MethodKeyAdjustSetSet adjust keying properties  
 MethodKeyDetectAuto detect key  
 MethodKeyExcludePointExclude point from key  
 MethodKeyFrameGetGet frame for key detection and background  
 MethodKeyFrameSetSet frame for key detection and/or background  
 MethodKeyRawGetGet chroma-key structure  
 MethodKeyRawSetSet chroma-key via structure  
 MethodKeyResetReset key  
 MethodKeyStepBackCancel last adjustment steps  
 MethodKeyStepFwdApply last adjustment steps (after step forward)  
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